News: You CAN run steel rods

Extreme can run steel rods in blown alcohol drag motors. The AJ481X motor in Ben Hoars Nova went 6.61 at 213 mph in licencing and Wayne Batson's HG Ute is still going with the same 200+ run rods. So if anyone says it cant be done, then what they are really saying is that it cant be done by them.

Supposedly steel rods damage the rod bearings - Not true.
No one outside of Extreme knows all of the requirements like: what brand of bearings are used, what the bearing material is, what clearances are used, the rod specs - as they are custom made, what the static compression is, how much boost, motor RPM, cam specs, piston weights, pin specs, igniton timing.....And no one has ever seen a used set of rod bearings from our blower motors, only the specific customers.